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Live Streaming FAQ - اسئلة شائعة عن البث المباشر (5)

Live Streaming FAQ - اسئلة شائعة عن البث المباشر

Shoutcast live streaming - البث المباشر راديو الانترنت (13)

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 Relay / Redirection Features

You can redirect the radio to another radio. The radio will play the same music of the redirected...

 Update Required Text/Button on AutoDJ List

Update Required: If you see the following button/text on your AutoDJ list, you have to click on...

  Intro / Text Advertisement Features

WHMSonic supports Intro / advertisement features. You can add intro music files easily and you...

 Video: Tutorial for external radio FTP connection, playlist creation and autodj creation !

After WHMSonic v2.1.2 update, FTP services for external radios are back and available now. The...

 DJ Manager

This is another most loved feature of WHMSonic. It is available on all interfaces. Radio owner...

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